About Us

By the end of 2020, founder Ajey Gupta was trying to consolidate all thoughts & experience gained to be healthy in the past 4 to 5 years to share it with the world. When he couldn’t find the best place that checked all the boxes, he decided to host his own website. As earlier he was organizing the blog fulldayenergy.blogspot.com, he soon realized something more is needed, and that’s how AkgNutrihut.in was launched. It later became a blog and the result is what you are looking at right now.

It was started to bring insight, & meaning to the world of Health, Food, and Nutrition.

Partner Sites: https://www.AkgInfotech.com  and https://fulldayenergy.blogspot.com/

Contact me at [email protected]

If you have any thoughts and would like to share your ideas, we’re building a community and we want your voice. Email us at [email protected]

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