Fun Indoor Games for Kids and Adults

Covid 19 virus proved that work can also be done from home. It was never in the culture of India. Now a lot of companies are planning to implement Hybrid Environment where employees can choose to work from home or office. However, when you stay at home, there are certain disadvantages as well. You could not get together with your colleagues, and sometimes life becomes boring. So today I thought to share some easy, fun-packed ways to help you stay relaxed and enjoy a playful life at home.

Believe it or not, lockdown has slowed down our pace of lives like a speed breaker in between. Needless to say, staying indoors has reduced our regular physical activities. And with kids being stuck in four walls of a home, it is important to keep fun alive to have a healthy and fun-loving atmosphere at home.

So, here I bring you some easy ways to help you relax and enjoy playful life, every moment. Here we go…

Games for Kids:

Hula Hoops: It’s fun for your kids, and if being a parent you’re reading this it’s not for your kids but also for you. It is an excellent way to keep your mind at peace. Hula hoops are affordable and can be brought in different sizes, to whatever suits you. It has lots of health advantages, which help in maintaining better body balance, burning calories and can completely fulfill the gap of not visiting the gym. This helps you staying indoors with your family and working out together.

Camping Indoor: Another great sport can be camping indoors with your kids. Yes, nothing can be more fun for them to make their own playhouse. Depending on your kid’s age you can plan to set up the tent either at your backyard, balcony, terrace, or beside a fireplace. You can also plan a movie night in your balcony with the sitting arrangements in the tent with food and popcorn to feast on.

Camping Indoor

Ludo: Getting a Ludo game online is easy to find however it’s more fun with the physical ludo game. It has been the favorite choice for years and may never get old and can be enjoyed by your kids. Ludo has always been a family game and can be a fun time amidst lockdown.

Balancing Beam: It helps younger kids and toddlers to improve motor skills and their balance and is easy to play with. You will need Colored tape and a flat floor. Stick different colored tapes tape on the floor. Each colored tape can have a different rule to walk on. For example, you can ask the kid to walk on one leg on the Yellow Colored tape. The child has to walk only on the tape. If he falls off the tape, he will be out of the game. The child that walks the entire length of the tape without falling off the tape wins the game. You can change rules accordingly to suit your kid.Balancing Beam

Puzzles: Give your child access to various puzzles that can be both engaging and educational. It can be in the form of pictures, rubber-made animal pictures. Ask your child that he needs to set the pieces of the puzzle together to form a picture in case of a picture puzzle. If you have younger children, you can try some 3D puzzle toys. Words puzzles are excellent for older kids in order to improve their vocabulary. Puzzle books are always good at home that can be given to your child when they cannot get out.

Read: Introducing your child into the habit of reading is a great way to keep them occupied on most days. This is a must skill every child should develop. Pick up a book with pictures and read with your child.

Freeze: It is enjoyed by both kids & adults. Play the music and dance till the music stops and ask everyone to freeze in the position they were in.

Hide and seek: It is a fun game that kids enjoy a lot. Ask one child to close his eyes and count till 20 until the rest of them hide in different places. Once the seeker is done with counting, he will have to go to find others. The first person to be caught must count the next time when the others hide again.

Games for Adults:

For all the adults working from home, physical activity has reached point zero. Eyes gazed at the laptop screen while you are completely placed on your bed or either sofa to the most. Let us make your times at home a little fun:

Raja Mantri Chor Sipahi: You may recall this game and if not you have to brush up on your childhood memories. This game involves four players. Chits with raja (king), Mantri (minister), chor (thief) and Sipahi (inspector) written on them are made. Shuffle the chits thoroughly and let every player pick one. Raja calls out to his Mantri and asks him to guess who the Chor and Sipahi are. If his guess is right, Raja gets the highest score, Mantri, the second-highest, Sipahi, the third-highest, and Chor gets a zero. If the Mantri’s guess is wrong, his score is interchanged with that of the chor.

Tip: At the end of the game, the one who loses can clean or mop the house.

Video games: It is another leisure activity you can engage in, if you have old cassettes at home it’s a great time for you to enjoy some good old games like Super Mario, Super Contra, Mustapha, Street Fighter, Tekken 3, etc. And the ones who do not have play station can invest in buying one. Getting glued to your phone’s small screen, I considered it pretty unhealthy for eyes, playing some games on the big screen is worth a shot. In fact, there are studies that claim that playing video games can be good for our mental health and can help relax our minds.

Tic Tac Toe (Zero Kata): You can easily start playing it with a paper and pen, it is one of the classic little mind strategic game which you can try playing with your kids.

Dumb Charades: It is the best game to play if you have enough time. You can involve all your family members or just two people. All the players get divided equally into two or three teams. One person from each team has to enact (perform acting) the name of a movie using the actions for their respective team. If the team is able to guess the name, they get a point. As a punishment, the losing team can do all the household cleaning for a day.

Darts: Darts is another option for you to enjoy and have some physical movement staying at home. It not only gives you the thrill of hitting the target but also increases your mental agility. It helps you improve your eye to brain coordination and increases concentration. Too So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get, set, go!

So do you have your game plan set for the week? Do let me know in the comments below.

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