Kingfisher Instant Beer launched

Vijay Mallya (born 18 December 1955) was known as King of Good Times. He lives a luxury lifestyle. However, the cruel twist of fate converted him to “Monarch of Loan Defaulters’. He has been arrested on April 18, 2019, in London, produced in a Metropolitan Court, and later granted bail.

Kingfisher Instant Beer

Mr. Malya’s United Breweries is India’s largest producer of the Kingfisher beer brand and has announced a new product Kingfisher Instant Beer Sachet, the first instant beer which is made by mixing beer powder and carbonation powder into cold water.

This product is touted to be able to make beer by simply opening a sachet and mixing it with chilled water. It can be bought in a packet which contains two sachets in it. One having carbonation powder and the other one, the beer powder. The beer powder is made by the drying process of the actual beer which separates the water from the dry matter of the beer.

To get the refreshing beer, which should have the “same great taste” as normal Kingfisher beer, all you need to do is to pour the Carbonation Powder into chilled Water and stir it to mix. Now, add and mix the Beer Powder in the previous mix to get an instant ready-made beer.

If you like its taste, its main advantage over the rest will be its easy transportation & storage. Kingfisher explained the same in their commercial stating “Often it becomes difficult to carry your beer around or to stock it“.  The Kingfisher Commercial states at its end “Available from April 1 onwards:

While launching it, Kingfisher released a video saying: “As the leading Beer brand of the country, Kingfisher feels that it is our responsibility to ensure that your beer drinking experience is hassle-free. Presenting the all-new Kingfisher Instant Beer. Just add to chilled water, stir and enjoy the good times anytime, anywhere.”

“A drink as free as beer doesn’t deserve to be bottled up. As the leading beer brand of the country, it is our responsibility to keep our consumers satisfied with breakthrough innovations: A beer that is free of all packaging, that is easy to store, carry or drink anytime, anywhere.”

You would be wondering why nobody else ever come up with an idea like this. Anyways, Mr. Mallya seems successful in his new idea to enjoy the Good Times directly from the pocket into the glass. People look damm curious about it.

Do try and post your comments on what you think about Mr. Mallya’s new instant beer. 😊🍷

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