5 Quick and Healthy Breakfast Options you must Try

Breakfast is the first very important meal of the day. It provides physical energy to start your day and helps your mind function actively. When we wake up fresh early morning our body requires energy and our breakfast therefore becomes very important to fulfill that need. I would be sharing the 5 best breakfast recipes in this blog post which would be quite easy to cook with all ingredients easily available in every house. First, let’s understand the importance of breakfast and the consequences of skipping it.


In our fast-paced life, a lot of people either not have their breakfast properly or eating the same thing every day like any parantha, biscuits, bread, and tea which is not enough for our body and moreover, it’s even harmful. Tea in a lot of quantity makes acidity and bread is made up of refined wheat (maida) which is hard to digest and takes time.

The food that’s digested quickly, generates energy quickly. That is the reason breakfast should contain a balanced diet rich in fiber which gets digested quickly and controls the blood sugar and weight of your body. A healthy breakfast helps the body to perform physically and mentally at its best.

To understand completely the positive benefits of a healthy breakfast, we should also consider the consequences of skipping or leaving breakfast. If you skip your first breakfast meal, you could feel headache, inactive, slow, lethargic, and low blood sugar.

Let’s discuss a few benefits of Breakfast:

  1. Blood Sugar remains controlled: If you skip your breakfast the blood sugar level could increase. Research proved that the weight of people is always less as compared to people who skip breakfast.
  2. Cholesterol remains controlled: People who take well-balanced breakfast on time have generally a habit of consuming less fast food which in turn reduces cholesterol and the risk of heart problems also gets reduced.
  3. Helps increase concentration & focus on tasks: Researchers found that breakfast helps increase concentration and sharpen memory. It reduces tension and keeps the mood good the whole day. Like other parts of the body, the mind also requires energy to work and helps decide what’s good and bad for us.
  4. Reduces the desire to eat fast food: If you don’t take a balanced breakfast diet, you start craving for food soon, and because of which a lot of people consume unhealthy food that is harmful to the body. Always take a well-balanced breakfast.
  5. Breakfast makes the immunity system strong: If you consume fruits like oranges, bananas etc which are full in vitamins & fibers, it helps you build your immunity system strong and helps you fight diseases and stay protected.
  6. Breakfast helps reducing Tiredness and Insomnia the whole day: When you take a balanced diet, it keeps your body energetic and helps you fight insomnia as well.
  7. Reduces obesity: If you are follow dieting, it’s recommended to never skip breakfast. According to health experts, having a well-balanced breakfast can help you reduce obesity. If you skip breakfast, irregular eating desire takes place which ultimately results in obesity.

What should you eat for Breakfast?

Choosing the right well-balanced breakfast is very important. It can include fruits, vegetables, Dalia, dairy products with fewer fats and protein shakes.

One should take breakfast having a good amount of calcium, iron, vitamin B, and fiber. I would like to share 5 quick and healthy breakfast options along with their recipe process. The selection you will find will take the least time to cook and also have a variety of tastes. It can be cooked in less than 5 minutes with minimum ingredients and will have a great taste as well:

1) Besan ka Cheela:

It’s also called the vegetarian omelet. It high in complex carbohydrates and protein.


a) Put 1 cup of besan in Bowl

b) Add little water to make the batter.

c) Add Tomatoes, Onion, Ginger paste, Corriander Leaves, Salt & Turmeric Powder – Mix well.

d) On a Pan – add a little bit of Mustard Oil – and pour the batter and spread it to give it a chapati shape. Once cooked from one side, flip it and cook the opposite side.

e) Once cooked, serve it with Curd or any chutney.

Note: It tastes amazing and you can make it at least 3 times a week.

2) Curd Rice Recipe:

If you are facing any digestion related issues, I will highly recommend you to have Curd Rice Recipe for your breakfast.


a) Half Cup of Brown Rice and let it boil.

b) In a Pan add a Tablespoon of Mustard Oil

c) Add few mustard Seeds, ½ Tb Cumin (jeera) Seeds, Curry Leaves, a pinch of asafetida & Salt. Mix Well

d) In a new pan, add Boiled Rice + half cup Curd + chopped Coriander Leaves. Add the tadka of mustard seeds, cumin seeds, and curry leaves into it and mixes well.

Note: The curd when consumed as first thing in the morning cleanses the intestines. Try it for 1 week and you will find all digestive problems disappear.

2) Tamarind (Imli) Rice:


a) Take Half a cup of Brown Rice and boil it

b) Take a pan and add 1 Tb of Desi ghee.

c) Add 1 Table Spoon of Mustard Seeds.

d) Add Curry Leaves, turmeric, salt, peanuts, and asafetida and mix well.

e) Take some Tamarind (Imli) and boil it in water.

f) Strain the Tamarind water into the pan and stir it well to make it thick.

g) Finally add boiled rice and mix it well.

Note: This meal is full of complex carbohydrates from brown rice, protein from peanuts helps you energize for the start of the day.

3) Banana, Almond & Milk (Simplest)

a) 4 – 5 Almonds

b) 1 – 2 Bananas

c) 1 Glass of Warm Milk

Eat It slowly and don’t rush eating it.

4) Cashew Upma:


a) In Pan – add 1 Tb of Desi Ghee.

b) Add Cumin Seeds, Ginger, Onion, Curry Leaves, Turmeric Powder, Salt, and Tomatoes. Mix them well.

c) Add a few Cashews (Kaju) and mix them.

d) Add water – stir it.

e) Add broken wheat (upma)

f) Add coriander on the top and serve to enjoy it.

Note: This can be consumed daily as a breakfast and a good alternate to unhealthy foods.

5) Green Salad:

A mixture of green salad, raw vegetables like carrot, sweet potato (shakarkandi), turnip (shalgam), sugar beets (chukandar), cabbage, egg white, etc. with lemon, and a pinch of salt. Add whatever you have with you and take with one glass of Milk.

Other breakfast options:

  1. Oatmeal (Dalia) having milk, raisins (kismis) & nuts.
  2. Egg Omelet with Brown Bread.
  3. Boiled Eggs and Banana.
  4. Curd with Parantha. Avoid having butter.
  5. Green Tea or Lemon Tea instead of normal Tea.
  6. Safolla Oats with Milk.
  7. Sprouted grains – have to prepare them in advance as it takes a whole night to sprout)
  8. Fruits such as apple, mangoes, guava, pomegranate, or oranges

I hope my above blog would definitely help you to choose from a variety of healthy breakfast options and you will help you become health conscious. If you have any comments, suggestions or feedback do send me an email at [email protected]

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