5 Practical Easy Steps to reduce Stress

In the fast-moving life, people hardly take out time to relax their minds. Sleeping for 6 to 8 hours is not enough for the mind to function efficiently. Road-ragesPolitics at the workplace, Quarrels with partners or Breakup in relationships and other issues fill the mind with Stress and our productivity stops decreasing. We all deserve to be relaxed and calm. Let’s find out how to make it possible.


One doesn’t need a Spa or vacation refreshment to get relaxed, although they have their own benefits. I have tried gathering a few easy practical Stress-Relieving strategies & tips which can revive you from mental stress to a relaxed healthy mind by simply investing 5 to 10 minutes on each step as per your ease. Let’s quickly get into the relaxation mode:

1) Focus on your breathing: 

Sit down on a Chair or on a Yoga Mat for 5 to 10 minutes in a quiet room. Try practicing deep breaths (also known as belly breathing). While breathing, gently disengage your mind from distracting thoughts, sensations, and focus only on the counting of your breaths.


Once you start counting, distractions & thoughts moving at the speed of light in your mind will automatically start reducing and your mind will become calm clutter-free.

Tip: Try Focussing on breath count for 5 to 10 minutes daily whenever you find time to relax.

2) Try to be in your Present Moment:

Try having awareness near you to gather info about the truth. Being in whichever situation, either bad or good, the focus should always be on living the present moment fullest. Studies reveal that being in the present moment helps reduces stress. It helps you live in reality rather than in a state of illusion or future possibilities. People have forgotten enjoying their life every moment, as life is precious, they are just living for the sake of living and passing their time.


From now, whenever you walk in the park, feel the air on your face and the feet hitting the ground. Enjoy the taste of every meal rather than just eating it. If you start focusing on how you to live this present time to the fullest, you will be productive, and stress-free.

भूतकाल व्याकुल करे और भविष्य भरमाय, वर्तमान में जो जिए तो जीना आ जाय 

Tip: Develop a habit of being yourself in the present moment. Live it completely to make it the best moment of your life. Each minute of your life matters. Life is short, live every second to make it cheerful.

3) Disconnect with Technology:

Try switching off your mobile phones for at least one hour daily. Doing this, you will get two benefits. One is you add life to your mobile, and second, you will get at least one hour time to start thinking about yourself. What all you have? How you can improve? What all would be required to achieve your goals? Answers to these questions can’t be provided by someone else. You are the best person to know yourself. If you ask your mind, I guarantee you will definitely get the answers. Jot down in the diary and start working on them from today itself. Once you start improvingstress will automatically reduce.


Tip: Try disconnecting yourself from the mobile & social media for sometime daily and trust me your mind would become most productive during that time.

4) Consider reading your favorite book to upgrade your skills:

“Reading is a habit which will never let your thoughts become negative.” By Reading, I mean something productive which can add knowledge & upgrade your skills at your job place, or let you become a part of a story. Rather than wasting time on TV, chatting or gossiping with others, the habit of reading can be seen to be the best way to reduce stress.


Today you have plenty of options to choose your desired book such as Amazon Kindle (also available as an Android App on Google Play Store), Play Books App (Android platform), Pdf books on Computer, or buy them in hard copy if you wish to read them on paper. You even get the option of Audiobooks on Audible, try 1 month free, it’s available.

Tip: Reading your favorite blog or book for at least 30 minutes a day can never let you become negative in life. Start today itself, Tomorrow never comes. Remember What is not started Today is never finished Tomorrow.

5) Exercise Daily:

Any form of exercise, such as walkingrunning, or yoga can ease depression and anxiety by helping the brain release feel-good chemicals. It also gives your body a chance to practice deal with stress. You can go for a quick walk in the park near your house, or do some stretching exercises to relax your body & mind. 


Cardio and Yoga can play a major role in making your body stress free. It is said “A Sound Mind dwells in a Sound Body”, and when we have a sound mind, we learn faster and get better results.


So from now whenever you feel stressed, remind yourself to follow the above easy steps to de-stress yourself. I hope this blog will surely help you bring closer to an idea on how you can reduce your stress level. If you would like to add something, will appreciate it if you could post your comments below. Thanks a ton for reading my blog.

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